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How to physically tell if your little flirting techniques are actually working!
... from the DATING KING

~Body language is one of the easiest ways to gauge your success, or lack thereof, with your flirting game. Most of the time people will send physical cues to let you know whether they are interested or not. But, so many people refuse to pay attention to the small details: details that may be saying "go away," or "come a little closer." Though the science of body language covers much more than will be discussed, here are a few cues for men to watch out for when flirting with the women. The following is a list of physical actions women tend to perform to send a signals that says, "Hey dummy, ask for my number already."


Her Lips: A big smile with a full set of teeth and a relaxed face usually indicates sincere content with the situation. A more aggressive woman may bite her lips, particularly a corner of the lower lip, or occasionally wet them with her tongue to show interest. Moreover, a woman who is constantly putting her fingernail in between her teeth is sending a positive flirting cue to continue with your progress. Lastly, a woman might try to plump her lips, giving them that "pouty" look to create a more sexy appeal, another positive sign that she's interested.

Her Hair: The age old trick of playing with the hair is a way for woman to not only let a man know she's interested, but to market herself to an entire audience as a flirtatious person. The twisting, twirling, flicking motions all send signals that she's single and ready to have fun. When in a private discussion, however, pay attention if she begins to stroke her hair or pushes it off of her shoulders to expose her face; both indicate an attempt to quickly clean up her appearance.

Her Eyes: Having dilated pupils is always a positive sign: it shows sincere interest. Secondly, the eyebrows are very important. Women are very expressive through their eyebrows but most men seem oblivious to what they're trying to say. When you approach a woman, pay attention to her eyebrows. If they immediately go up (usually an indicator of surprise) but are followed by steady eye contact and a smile then you've probably been given the okay to proceed. If she makes eye contact with you and then winks, she's definitely sending flirtatious signals to beckon you closer.

body language

Women will also tend to bat their eyelashes by blinking them more often and softening their gaze to a lovey dovey look when there are interested. If she seems "gaga-eyed" chances are you're back in the game.

Her Clothing: Pay close attention to what a woman wears, but don't let it be the main focus of your judgment. Many times younger woman who are proud of their physique will tend to wear more revealing clothing. In the long run this can potentially mean nothing for a suitor, and it is not a good indication that she is "cheap" or provocative. However, if the clothing tends to be sheer and she lacks any undergarments, she may be sending signals that she's ready to flirt with a credible suitor. Furthermore, if you are talking and you notice that her nipples have suddenly hardened then chances are she is very, very interested in you, or it could just be cold inside! What's more a woman ready to get her flirting game on will tend to wear clothing with a higher hemline, but again this isn't always the case. Instead, try to watch out for a girl who is constantly patting herself down to smooth out wrinkles or weathered clothing while talking to you, she's trying to make herself look better in your presence.

Her Legs: More often than not, if your discussion has moved from salutations to serious, likewise you have moved from the floor to a booth or barstool where the two of you can sit down. Pay attention to her body language while seated, is she facing you, or away to the crowd? The latter says you might need to work harder or move on, whereas the former says, "I'm all ears." Furthermore, if she is trying to maintain an erect posture it's likely she's trying to make a good impression. Women who tend to slouch have either lower self-esteem about their bodies, and/or, aren't comfortable with the current situation. If her legs are open or crossed and pointed in your direction she is sending you positive signals to continue with your conversation. If she has crossed her legs and they are down and away from you, perhaps she is just obliging your request for a conversation.


Her Hands: The position of a woman's hands can also tell a lot about her opinion of her suitor. If she has faced both hands palms up, she is probably interested. Moreover, is she has rested the elbow of one hand into the palm of the other, which is cocked up and facing palm out, she is sending a signal that she is engaged in the conversation. Some women will play with either their keys or any nearby instrument out of nervousness. The key to deciding whether the nervousness is positive or negative lies in observing how she plays with the item. If she tends to rub things or stroke them, like the stem of a wine glass, she is more than likely interested. If she however, is fidgeting with her keys and has paired the distraction with equally averted eyes and a fidgety posture, she is probably ready to end the conversation.

Other signs of interest may come from her actions of touching jewelry around her neck, an earring, or a watch around the wrist; these are all located around pressure points that are often highly sensitive and easily aroused. If she is constantly reverting to playing with these areas she may be subconsciously sending very aggressive signals. Lastly, a sure fire sign she isn't interested is if when you approach her, she begins to rummage through her purse or look at her watch.

Her Voice: Watch the intonation (that is, the ups and downs in both the loudness and the range of her voice). If she tends to fluctuate repeatedly in both then she is displaying a sincere interest in the topic of conversation. If however, she remains constantly speaking at a higher pitch, seems to be simultaneously stiff, and her eyebrows are raised, she may be feigning interest, but not in a bad way. More than likely she is trying to seem feminine and attractive and is reverting to a flirting technique that is the "giddy girl." It's the monotone voice coupled with the blank stare and frequent pauses before a response that indicate her mind is probably elsewhere. Also, look for full, hearty, cavalier laughs; they indicate an abandon of self-consciousness and a connection to the conversation. However, if her laughs are faint and giddy she may either be:

a) timid;

b) feigning interest; or

c) attempting to maintain a feminine persona. Another good tip is to watch for her attempts to match your voice patterns, such as speed and tone, during conversation: it shows she's listening attentively and suggests she's interested.

body language

The Little Things: In addition to the aforementioned, it is also important to always take into consideration a few additional tips. Does she seem like she is trying to mirror your body position and posture? This is a positive indicator she is attracted to you in some way. If she becomes flushed in the skin, namely in her face but sometimes a flushed blotchiness will spread across a woman's chest, this is a physical indicator that there is definitely either a physical connection, or you have just embarrassed her in some way. If she seems to take lengths to keep herself in eye's view for extended periods of time, she's probably done so on purpose, which in your case is a good thing. Lastly, look for incidental body contact, as in light hand touches, shoulder brushing, etc. Anything that looks like an excuse to physically catch your attention probably is one. What's more, unless she has accidentally bumped into you one time, her repeated interjections are a sure sign that she's looking for you to take notice.

Although it may seem like a lot of information, and it is, just take your time and slowly try analyzing one or two of the key points the next time you're practicing your latest flirting technique. In time you will learn that most signals are interconnected, be they positive or negative. So be on the lookout for something obvious; generally more frequent, subtle hints will ensue.

Whoever said the art of dating wasn't a game obviously wasn't the one doing the dating. But, that doesn't mean you have to be devious and deceptive. Think of it as honing a trademark: once you've mastered one or two tricks of the trade, you've simply increased your odds for success the next time you're looking to book a Saturday night.


body language