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Having calm mornings together in their hip flat in Manhattan's trendy east side wasn't always the case for this pair of newspaper writers, but Jason and Paula now share the same last name on their bylines.

"We started out as investigative reporters and somehow we just kept investigating each other," he said, smirking.  "next thing I know we're writing stories together.  Now, we're writing our lives together."

You don't need to scoop a story to get the flirting point here.  Take the time to investigate and learn about any person that is on your flirting radar and before you know it, you two will be headlines.

TJ and Shelly have a little one together and are two years into a wonderfully satisfying marriage.  They say life wasn't as wonderful until they met each other.  There were times when they both wondered if they would ever meet their better half.  Now they are two and a "half", if you will.

"I guess my best piece of advice for those out there still looking for that special someone is to let that person have their space and let things develop naturally," he told

TJ is right.  Easy does it is a mantra of a great flirts.  Be like TJ and the next thing you know you'll have a bambino and a babe. 

Roy and Paula work at the same computer programming company in Hartford, CT.  They both started at the company as temps, then got hired full time in the same department and that's when the full time flirting began.

"I know it is so cliché to flirt with your office co-workers," he told"But it worked for me."

Damn right, it worked for Roy. It can work for you, too.  Just be open to all possibilities.  After all, you spend more time with the people at work than you do with anybody else.  Hard to believe?  Maybe not.  Even still the flirting is there for the taking at work.  Just do it carefully and make sure to avoid the boss' wife.

Brittney and Trey were both sick of the singles scene in Philadelphia when they met each other.  They then naturally thought nothing special of the occasion that they made conversation together at a local bar while mutual friends of theirs were chatting away.

"What really impressed me about Trey was that he was very interested in what we were talking about," she told  "He wasn't just making 'weather' talk."

Brittney described exactly what Trey did so well. He diverted any flirting intentions with taking an interest in the conversation and putting the flirting secondary.  It shows there is more to you than simply trying to score. 

Melanie and Clint are surviving spouses who have been dating for over half a decade now.  They first met each other at a support group for surviving spouses in Cleveland, Ohio.  Clint initiated the flirting by offering his "ear" if she ever wanted to talk about things.  Melanie more than wanted to talk about things she wanted someone to lean on.

"Sometimes you have tragedy in common," Clint told us.  "We still love the ones we lost but we have since found a bond in our similar situations in life.  It's comforting."

You can find someone to lean on in a support group.  No matter what you have been through, there are others that have been through it, too.  It is not necessarily making light out of tragedy, but it is nice and comforting to have someone who knows where you are coming from.  In this case the flirting is incidental. 

Cliff and Megan work a bar at a popular night spot in Atlanta, Georgia. Ironically, Cliff first flirted with Megan by pointing out all the guys that were destined to strike out with the girls.

"He was so funny," Megan said.  "He was right on about the guys who were striking out. 

We both were laughing at the others, but little did I know that while he was laughing about the other guys striking out, he was hitting a home run with me."

Was it on purpose?  It doesn't matter.  When it comes to flirting, the end result justifies the means.  Not always, but normally.  We all know the old adage that 'all is fair in love and war'. This also applies with flirting.  Capitalizing on another's misfortune is nothing to be ashamed about, rather it's to be expected.

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