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flirting moments

Joe and Anita met at a poetry reading at a local book store in Louisville, Kentucky. Joe, a poet, kept smiling at her while some second-rate poet butchered some of the most awful poetry imaginable for over an hour.

"I kept looking over at Joe and he was making all sorts of gestures like he was going to commit hari-kari (Japanese ritualistic suicide)," she laughed. "Then later, he pretended like was dousing himself with gasoline and was going to light himself on fire."

What really lit her on fire was when she read some of his steamy erotic poetry after the poetry reading.

"What can I say," he said, with a grin. "I had to set up my stuff as being better than the guy's that was being read. After all, I had made fun of it for an hour. Turns out she did like my stuff better, even my poetry," he said with a wink.

Joe took advantage of a boring situation and used it as an opportunity to flirt. Anita was open to the possibilities once again proving flirting is like a dance, it takes two to tango!

flirting moments

Ken met Sharon at a bookstore while he was looking for a good thriller to take home and she was looking for a man to do the same with.  He was nervous about returning her gaze, because she was "so damn pretty."
"I'll be honest, I thought she was too hot for me," he said.  "But, she seemed to peek a glance at me every time I looked her way.  I figured this wouldn't be the first time I struck out before, so I approached her.... Man, was I glad I did."
Way to go Ken.  You can't be afraid to fail when it comes to flirting.  Like any skill, flirting is the result of practice and sometimes putting your fears on hold.  Now when he reads at night he is turning the pages right next to Sharon.  They are living proof that flirting can be thrilling. 

flirting moments

Tory and Ken from Malibu Beach met at an evening beach party that Ken was hosting for a bunch of his friends. Tory attended the party with a girlfriend who was a "friend of a friend" of Ken's.

"Ken is bold flirt," Tory said, laughingly. "That really impressed me. I like a man with confidence. For him to jokingly look up my skirt for a pack of lost matches when he didn't even know who I am, really had me going - and a little hot, too!"

Note to dudes: It might not be wise to look up skirts for things you cannot always find, but Ken is obviously an expert at reading body language. He probably intuitively knows what he can get away with and with whom. You should know if you could playfully reach for the hem of her skirt without getting a backhand across your face.

"She seemed naturally playful," Ken shared with us. "I could tell by the way she was smiling at me the whole time."

flirting moments

Rick and Kathleen met last year at a bakery.  Kathleen was buying cupcakes and Rick was picking up a cake for his nephew who was celebrating his third birthday.

"I thought he was buying a cake for his own son and was naturally disappointed," she said. "I thought he was married...  However, I noticed he smiled at me and so I asked him if the cake was for his son's birthday.  He said it was for his nephew.  Next thing I know, we are talking about how much we both love kids."

Today Rick and Kathleen can look forward to a birthday cake for their own little bambino.  The point here is that first impressions are often misleading and don't just assume you know someone's situation, flirt anyway.  You just might be surprised.

Keith and Mickey from Portland, Oregon, share a warm embrace, the culmination of years of acknowledging their flirting as volunteer community activists.

"I know Keith was interested in me because he somehow always wound up on the same steering committee with me," she said, smiling. "I mean after five years, is that a coincidence?"

Keith laughs it off. "I guess I didn't even know I could be a good flirt," he said, red-faced.

Keith liked her personality and simply wanted to get closer. After his first wife passed away, he longed for companionship and Mickey, who had never been married, was "a breath of fresh air."

Perhaps flirting is like riding a bike, once you know how, you never forgot. So even if it's been a while since you seriously flirted, you might just be surprised at how much you remember.

flirting moments

Mike and Amanda, pre-med juniors, met at a Clemson University medical library in South Carolina.

"I could tell Mike was flirting with me big time, because every time he walked by my table, he made eye contact with me," she said. "Then, when I met his eyes he quickly would look away. That told me he was interested in me."

Mike agreed.

"I guess I couldn't help flirting with her because I found her very attractive. My eyes did the flirting for me because I am naturally shy," he said. "Then, when I was pulling a book from the center aisle and she was staring through the empty space from the other side of the book case, we both broke out laughing and we have been together ever since."

What worked for them was the acknowledgement that eye contact is key. When you are shaking hands with your eyes, you are shaking hands with possibilities.

Casey and Joan met at a Starbucks coffee in Seattle (coffee shop, Seattle - go figure!).  They saw each other there regularly and Casey had a sense Joan was interested in meeting him.  He asked her if the empty seat at her table was taken.  She offered it to him and then they had a conversation about everything from basketball to baking.

"I don't even know what we talked about for over an hour," she said.  "It was not important....  I had already formed a favorable impression of his looks...  How he talked was more interesting to me then what we talked about.  He seemed well bred and intelligent...just the kind of man I was looking to meet."

Joan underscores an important point about flirting communication.  In the initial stages, rarely is it what is said that is important, rather it is how it is said that trumps everything.

flirting moments


Tammy and Colin are mutual clowns and met auditioning for an improv show in Toronto. She didn't get the part and either did he, at least when it came to the show.  However, waiting in line to get on stage to deliver lines, they practiced their acts on each other--flirting acts that is! 

"We interacted like we were pieces of the same puzzle," she said.  "I laughed at him and he laughed at me....  We decided to make each other a habit after that."

Too bad the casting director didn't think they were any good.  In our book, they were excellent at improvisational flirting.  As any good improv knows, you play off one another.  The same could be said of flirting. 

beth and tim

Tim and Beth enjoy a fruity cocktail together at their favorite bar in Louisville. They met on a Wednesday "ladies night."

"It was ironic because I didn't want to even go out that night," blushed Tim. "I went to the bar with some friends to cheer up a buddy whose girlfriend just dumped him... Well he turned out to be a real wet towel and left early. That's when I noticed Beth."

Beth flirted with him by constantly gazing his way and playing with her hair, signs that this woman was serious. Now, they are two straws of the same drink. It is popular to say otherwise, but bars still are good places to meet singles.

Retired, widowed and both grandparents, Mark and Veronica from Terre Haute, IN, found they enjoyed a mutual passion for bird watching at the local park.

"I knew he was flirting with me when he simply sat down next to me on the same swing bench I would also sit at," Veronica said. "He then would regale me with clearly exaggerated stories about how he once rescued a whole battalion of soldiers in the Napoleonic wars. He was corny and I liked it."

"I know I had her when I told her I had stiff neck because a Viagra got stuck in my throat this morning and she lost it," he said. "Now, we watch birds together."

What worked for Mark was his humor. It can work for you, too.

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