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flirting moments

Kevin and Cassandra from Chicago met at work where Kevin initiated flirting by writing down a cheese-ball pick up line on a steno pad prior to a meeting.  He slid it over to her and she read it in silence fighting back a powerful urge to laugh.

"It said something about my dad being a thief because he must have stole the stars for my eyes or something like that," she laughed.  "I responded with one of my own cheesy lines."

Kevin and Cassandra had a great time flirting by being corny and having fun.  Oftentimes this is a great tactic of working up a flirt with little pressure.  Kevin no longer has to slide a steno paid over to get her attention in the morning, he just has to wake up and watch her open her starry eyes - now that's cheesy!

flirting moments

Tim and Susan both go to the same college but didn't meet until spring break at Daytona Beach, Florida.  She was in a hotel cafe having coffee with a bunch of her friends, when they first met.

"I was being very loud and crazy and he just introduced himself to me," she told  "It turns out his best friend was dating one of my friends... I hung out with him the rest of the week and really started liking this guy.  He was a lot of fun!"

The moral of the story is that friends of friends can be great people to flirt with because you already have something in common.  Flirt with that in mind and you will be having a great time on your next spring break just like Tim and Susan.

flirting moments

Paulette met Sean at a Piano bar in Gainesville, Georgia. She was attending the bar as part of a Bachelorette party for her best friend. Sean was banging out some slammin Billy Joel sing-a-longs while Paulette was stuffing dollar bills into his jar.

“At first I thought he flirted with all the girls,” Paulette told, “but, his eyes never left me for a second… especially, when he was singing ‘Uptown Girl’.”

Not only did she put a twenty in his tip jar, she put her business card with her cell phone number on it. Next day, she had a voice message. It was a few verses of ‘Uptown Girl’ with a number to reach him.

Paulette proves there are subtle ways to flirt without drawing any attention to the act. She has her man because of knowing that messages are a great way to flirt. They are one on one and nobody else has to know about them.


flirting moments

Emily and Bruce love the elegance of formal dining, ballroom dancing and dressing to the nines.  They met at a class on ballroom dancing where Bruce, fresh off a bitter divorce, was looking to learn something new to fill the void in his life.

"I wouldn't say it was total luck that we got matched up as partners," Emily confided to, "after all, I purposefully stood next to him, but there was luck in the fact we both took this class to enrich our lives."

Emily and Bruce are great proof that continually improving yourself and learning new pastimes are wonderful ways to meet and flirt with new people.  Take a class on dancing and you never know who you will end up doing the tango with that day. You will enrich your flirting and each other at the same time. 


Rick and Nancy meet in Hawaii while he was on leave from the Navy and she was on leave from the hustle and bustle of mainland USA.

"I was sick of never going anywhere because I was single," Nancy said.  "So, I decided to go to Hawaii on the pretext of attending a writer's conference.  I am not writer."

She may be no writer, but she is an excellent flirt.  She didn't let the singles life keep her from going to new places and experiencing new things.  If you are single and want to get out and meet new people, be like Nancy and come up with a reason to travel to a conference or something.  Go to an exotic land, meet interesting people and flirt with them.

flirting moments

Ted and Isabelle in Hyattsville, Maryland, met each other at a Best Buy while Ted was purchasing an I-Pod. Isabelle approached him, asking him if he could explain to her how an I-Pod worked because she was thinking of buying one as a gift.

“At first I was like ‘okay’ she is buying it for her boyfriend,” Teddy smiled. “But, thankfully it was for her father.”

“I was praying he would ask me who it was for,’ she confessed to “It was definitely the hook and I was hoping he would bite. He did.”

Isabelle was smart enough to initiate the flirt. Ted gets credit for realizing when a woman is flirting with him. Now Ted and Isabelle download music to their I-Pods together, happily ever after.


Greg and Cathy are customer service professionals for an investment company in New York City.  They met because she accidentally transferred a caller to him without introducing the caller, a big no-no at her company.

"Suddenly this guy comes over around lunch time and introduces himself," she said.  "He told me that he knew it was me that transferred the call to him but that it would be our little secret."

Ever since, they have become inseparable.  Greg scored well with his "little secret" touch, which was playful and flirtatious while staying within the bounds of professional work protocols.  Now they may as well wear one headset. 

flirting moments

Harry and Cassie met at a singles mixer in downtown Chicago.  He claims his repeated eye contact with her was enough to clue him in that she was interested in him. 

"I looked away at first," she said, bashfully.  "I turned back and we shared this awkward glance... Then we both smiled."

Take it from us, awkward looks are great flirting opportunities.  There is a reason that people find each other looking across a room.  That reason is usually mutual interest.  It might not be apparent at first, but you both owe it to your flirting instincts to find out if it is, just like Harry and Cassie did.

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