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flirting moments

Bret is an environmental site assessor in Toledo, Ohio. Lisa had her "site assessed" recently by Bret and both have been going out ever since.

"What did it for me," she recalled fondly, "is he walked by me when I was gabbing with my friends and whispered in my ear... He said he had a secret he wanted to tell me ...His secret was that I was wearing the best perfume he had ever smelled and wanted to know where I got it."

Lisa laughed. "Perhaps it was orchestrated but he sure caused the hairs on my neck to rise up. Plus, I got a nice whiff of his cologne and I was smitten."

How could she not be smitten: Bret was well groomed, smelled pleasant, was complimentary and lastly, was a gentleman. The telling of a "secret" was the icing on the cake and an excellent flirting touch.


Sarah and PJ met at the San Diego Zoo where PJ works as a zoologist.  She was part of a summer program called "Walking the Zoo" where she and others in the group would meet each weekday and power walk the expanse of the famous zoo.  It was during one such times, she caught the eye of PJ.

"I love animals and that is why I choose this program to walk at the zoo," she told  "Little did I suspect I would ever meet a guy there but I guess I shouldn't be that surprised about it?  Other animal lovers would naturally gravitate towards zoos as well."

Sarah is right.  Good men are hard to find, especially at bars. But if you love animals and you are at the zoo, chances are you will find the perfect male to bring out your flirting animal instinct. He might be a baboon but then most men are when it comes to flirting.

flirting moments

Maria and Ben met at a bar in Milwaukee.  Maria would often sit at a table, thus sending the flirting message that she was a little less approachable versus taking a stool at the bar in the middle of all the action.

"I realized that men were not coming over to me and flirting and I was disappointed," she said.  "I am traditional and I don't want to initiate the flirting.  I like when they do....  I thought that maybe I seemed unavailable sitting at the table.  Soon as I went to the bar, Ben moved right in. So, maybe I was right."

Maria was right on.  Bars have "hot flirting zones" and ones that say that more privacy is desired.  The bar itself is traditionally the most open flirting zone and hence the "hottest."  Tables are "warm" and a table way back in the corner "cold." When she entered the bar's hot flirting zone she entered Ben's world.

flirting moments

Lisa and Geoff met at the wedding rehearsal dinner for their mutual friends that eventually divorced three years later.  The ceremony was not all lost, however.  Lisa and Geoff who flirted with each during the whole wedding ceremony recently exchanged vows of their own.

"I am so lucky to have met him at the wedding," she said.  "I felt bad that things didn't work out for my friend, but Geoff is the perfect guy for me...  My friend is very happy that something good came of it all. So am I."

Weddings are prime flirting environments.  Lisa and Geoff did well that night to keep the flirting going and now they can proudly host one of their own nuptial events.  Who knows? Maybe two other flirts will one day say they met the day Lisa and Geoff tied the knot.  Maybe it will be you.


Chris and Helen are undecided undergrads at the University of Texas.  They can't decide on what degrees to pursue but they have decided they would like to pursue each other.  They would meet at their work-study jobs in the Dean's office and flirt with each other all day.  He would fire rubber bands at her while she was not looking and she would do things like unplug his mouse when he stepped away.  But, above all, he would give her compliments every day. 

"Every day he had something nice to say and there was no shortage of his compliments," she said.  "I realized I was falling for him when he got reassigned to a different department and I noticed how empty the office became. I missed our games.  I missed the nice things he would say. So I called him up and we met at the library to study.  We study all the time together now.  He still fires rubber bands at me."

Chris makes excellent use of compliments and playful tomfoolery.  You don't need a college degree to know that it pays to be liberal when giving compliments to anyone you deem to be flirtworthy.  The point to remember is meaning it.  Insincerity is the bane of complimentary flirts. 

flirting moments

Piper and Willie from Pennsylvania are two care free spirits that love to run around and throw caution to the wind.  They met each other--unbelievably perhaps--when her car crashed into a pumpkin wagon knocking it over.  You see Willie owns a real pumpkin farm and he was just getting ready for the fall harvest.  He was crossing a road in a pumpkin wagon when she nearly killed him. 

"I was so embarrassed because I was speeding," she said, "but Willie didn't seem to be so upset about it.  In fact, he joked.  'Hey, Lady, I hope you don't think I just fell off the pumpkin wagon! I found his sense of humor to be very cute. He seemed to like how positive I was about it."

Piper did well by maintaining her carefree attitude even in a potentially embarrassing situation.  This was a good sign to Willie that maybe he met someone that could ride next to him in his wagon any time.  Perhaps he figured the roads would be much safer with her in the wagon next to him where he could do the driving.

flirting moments

From New Orleans comes the flirting tale of Sean, a young man of few words, and Sally, a poet of many.  They decided to meet after flirting online for nearly four months.  They choose a local bar and ever since they have been as inseparable as the French Quarter and wild times. 

"Sean did well in my book because he kept it simple," she said.  "I didn't feel a lot of pressure to meet him. After a while he finally asked me out." 

Sean agreed.  "I was getting frustrated because things were developing so slowly.  I wanted to actually see her in person because I loved her poems.  I was glad I was patient and was not disappointed."

If you want your online flirting to evolve just like Sean's and Sally's then start off by keeping things simple.   Quick responses and easy questions are the key to great online flirting.  Remove the pressure and there will be little.  Remember the KISS principle when it comes to flirting: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  If you do, you are bound to look smart and your flirting shall be, say, poetic.


Lisa and Bo in Jackson, Mississippi, met when Bo approached her at a gas station.  Before she could get out of the car, Bo was cleaning the dusty back window of her SUV with a squeegee.  She thought he looked kind of stylish for a gasoline attendant, what with his Abercrombie and Fitch outfit and billboard smirk.  He seemed a little too happy to be doing it.

"Excuse me, do you work here," she asked.

Bo smiled.  Right on schedule, he replied, "I not only work here, I own the company."

She errupted in laughter. 

Bo made good use of exaggerating humor to flirt with Lisa.  So if someone asks you what you do for a living and you answer "Warren Buffet's investment manager" while you are pumping gas you are well on your way to mastering this technique.  If you really are Warren Buffet's investment manager, even better!  If you pump gas for a living for real, well you are only doing it because you might buy the company.  Get it now? Good.

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