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great flirting

Carol and Ernest first flirted with each other while they were doing laundry at a local laundry mat in Artesia, New Mexico. Carol was a frequent customer while Ernest was there simply because he burnt his house down the night before while smoking in bed. His wife was also lost in the fire.

“I felt really sad for Ernest,” she said, “he lost everything, including his wife…. But, I was there and offered to help him through his ordeal.”

(Hmm, he was doing laundry the very next day his house went up in smoke, along with his wife, whom he told Carol he was going to divorce later anyhow?)

It sounds a little fishy to us, but there is a great flirting lesson in their tale: another person’s loss can be your flirting opportunity. We are guessing that their case is simply an extreme example of this principle. At least we hope.

great flirting

Gabrielle and Joshua met each other at a library in Springfield, Mass. Both are self-described bookworms. He flirted with her by accidentally kicking a paper football” over to her table while she was lost in her book. He came over, apologized and the rest could be filed in the history section.

“The only thing that was bigger than his stack of books,” Gabrielle said, blushingly, “…was his heart.”

Strategically acting like a goof is what worked for Joshua. The paper football was a good “in” with Gabrielle, who welcomed Joshua’s flirting like—an open book.

great flirting

Bruce and Bridget from Huntingdon Beach, Calif., enjoy the new and hip trend of “urban exploration,’ which takes them from underpasses, abandoned mine shafts, haunted houses to old buildings.

“Our sense of adventure is what really attracts us to each other,” Bruce said, his arms wrapped around his ‘Bridge.’

She agreed. “Bruce is not only wonderfully fun,” she said, “He is my partner in this adventure called life.”

How sweet! Good for them, we say. Compatibility is often a result of sharing a similar passion. Personality wise, that does not have to be the case, but often times when it comes to pastimes and passions, when they are aligned, so are the flirting gods.


great flirting

Dorsey and Jane, from Marina Del Ray, California, enjoy being next to each other, but not necessarily talking to each other constantly. He met her at a coffee shop where he would hunker down to work as a freelance writer and she would stop in for a fix of java on break from running her antique book store across the street.

They acknowledged each other for months, without ever verbalizing their mutual interest. One day she turned quickly and caught Dorsey checking her “book covers” as he jokingly told her later. They both laughed and have become intimate friends ever since.

The lesson here is flirting can be as much a nonverbal game as a verbal one. So don’t gloss over the subtleties of glances and if you catch someone looking when your head was turned, there can be no mistaking: you are in the presence of a full-flown flirt.

Not easily seen in this picture are Duane and Selma from Cranford, New Jersey. Both are extreme sporting enthusiasts, who met each other when Duane lost his dirt bike on a quarter-pipe jump last year and landed on her in the crowd. They both had to be taken to the hospital. Since then it has been love at first site.

“Can you believe he proposed to me while we were bungee jumping together,” Selma said, smiling.

Here the lesson is to be open to chance encounters to flirt, which might just be fate saying you guys were meant to be. And nobody wants to temp fate, unless you are into extreme sports that is!

Ralph and Amy from Waterbury, Conn., are that couple that always fights. In some perverse way, this is how they flirt with each other. In other words, one or both of them, must always be complaining about work, the world, the Middle East, or whatever.

“I don’t know,” Amy said, rubbing her head, “he pisses me off, but I love him.”

Nobody likes a complainer, well, except for other complainers. They get flirting credit for recognizing they are peas of the same pod. Still, we wouldn’t recommend hanging out with them. The point is even negative traits are sometimes common ground for flirting.

Rebecca and Gary met at a real estate company in Scranton, Pa. Their favorite pastime is watching American Idol together. Gary loves to sing and has a part-time job at the local Holiday Inn, leading a Karaoke sing-along. He is well known for his dead-on Neil Diamond impersonation.

Rebecca was once in a band before she gave it up for the fulltime and steady boredom of her real estate career. Still, she longs for music and Gary was definitely the kind of man that could sing her tune.

Gary would often sing to himself at work when busy. Carol thought he was quite good at singing and used this trait as a pretext to flirt. She would jump in and perform the chorus to many vocals he was performing. Gary loved her zeal. Now, he no longer sings Neil Diamond to her in the break room, but in the shower.

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