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Tom and Karen from Billings, MT, met while they were taking skiing lessons.  Tom was in the process of breaking up with his girlfriend at the time and Karen had been single for a while.  Karen cites patience as the key to landing Tom.

"When I first met Tom I know he had a girlfriend and he was private about it," she said.  "However, he seemed to want to open up to me and over time we developed a close friendship.  When the relationship ended, I knew he was a rare opportunity and a good find."

Karen is right on the money in regard to patience being key.  It is often the most difficult quality to cultivate when flirting, especially with our hyper-consumer what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society.   However, take our advice and Karen's: be patient and flirt hard and you'll get what you're after. 

Lisa and Hank are webmasters living in Milwaukee.  They are also flirting masters too, but the skills didn't come easy.

 "When I first began looking to meet another woman after my last girlfriend ran out on me, I didn't realize how clueless I was," Hank confessed.  "To start flirting I took baby steps by trying to incorporate little things at first.  Gradually, it got to the point that I was a pretty good flirt.  Good enough to land Lisa, who I plan on asking to be my fiancée... Shhh... don't say anything."

We won't, but will talk about your approach to flirting.  Learning to flirt well is not easy.  It's fun, but not easy. We are reminded of the old maxim: Don't practice till you get it right - practice till you can't get it wrong.  This phrase has great applications to the world of flirting.  Just ask Hank.


Larry is a down to earth Real Estate office manager in Wheeling, West Virginia.  He met Susan at a TGI Friday's restaurant after work for cocktails one evening.  She worked in the building next door in the same office park as his.

"I had seen her there before and we smiled at each other quite often," he said.  "One day, I bought her a drink and that was all it was. There were no attachments.  No expectations.  No give me your number.  Just a drink.  Later that month, I ran into her again and then she returned the favor; now we're ingredients of the same cocktail."


Eve and Ben are graduate students at North Carolina University.  They major in each other if you ask Ben.  His main piece of advice in successful flirting is to simply be you.

"Hey, I still like to play 'Dungeons & Dragons'," he told  "I wasn't going to hide that from her.  I got it out in the open and she was okay with it."

Perhaps we wouldn't go so far as to tell someone you enjoy something like 'D&D' (a game which most women will construe as nerdy in a big time way). However, honesty is always the best policy and, like Ben, you won't go wrong if you show the true you.  Hiding your nerd side now will only make for a hard breakup for both of you later.


Terri and Terry met at a diner in Patterson, NJ.  He was there grabbing a sandwich and she was there picking up a pound of deli meat for later.  It wasn't long until they latched onto each other's patterns and were soon lunching together.  Their lunches turned to dinners and now they're as inseparable as swiss cheese and sliced turkey.

"Neither of us ever cooked a meal for ourselves in our entire life," he said. "I used to think I was the only one that lazy.  Turns out there are other birds of a feather out there, mine is Terri.

Commonality is great characteristic when it comes to flirting.  Both Terri and Terry recognized they like the same things and now they are the one in the same.  Kudos to both!

Veronica and Sam have been dating for the past several years.  They enjoy exploring the canyons of the Southwest together using their condo in Ogden, Utah, as their base of operations.  Sam is writing a photo-journalistic book and Veronica is going to edit the manuscript.   They met while Sam was looking for an editor and Veronica was looking for extra work as a teacher.

"It turns out that we had complimentary passions as well as mutual ones," he said.  "Not only is she the greatest editor, she is my greatest friend, too."

Sam describes their ultimate blend of flirting skills.  He was open to a flirt with a different background than his and saw that Veronica was someone that complimented him like a sunset on a canyon ridge. 


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