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10 pages of great flirting stories and dating success stories

great flirting

Alex and Karen live in Topeka, Kansas. Every day Alex would walk his poodle "Buster" around the same block Karen happens to live on. One day Karen noticed this handsome man, who had just moved to the area, and came out to pet his dog. It became a daily ritual, until they became a daily ritual. Walking dogs is a great way to meet women and flirt, and Alex shows us the perfect example. First, it brings the dog lovers out, so you automatically know you are flirting with someone that likes dogs just like you do. Second, walking a dog is a very laidback activity with little social pressure, which always puts people at ease.

Remember: Great flirting is about connecting with people with as little social pressure as possible. Now Alex, Karen and Buster can happily wag their tails together.

Tara met Michael at a grocery store in Albany, NY. They were both behind a woman that was having difficulty writing a check for her four items totaling less than ten dollars. What was supposed to be a quick run to the grocery store turned into an epic adventure. Especially, when security arrived and arrested the woman for shoplifting. "It was a frustrating situation and we both were in a hurry," Michael said. "However, when the cops showed up and hauled her away, we looked at each other and started laughing."

Tara and Michael write one shopping list together now because they know that sometimes the worst situations can make for great flirting opportunities.

great flirting


great flirting

Brad and Kira share a hip studio apartment in a trendy section of San Francisco. Brad credits their relationship to Kira's willingness to flirt first. "She was bold enough to make the first move," Brad said. "I liked that about her. I was definitely interested and I had a sense that she was, too... but me, hey, I was too shy." Kira laughed. "Yes, he was pretty shy, but I thought he looked like a good catch, so I wasn't going to let him get away. Hey, woman's liberation - we can ask them out now."

Kira is right on. The days of the man strictly asking the woman out are history. More women should take her approach and be the first to flirt. After all, to make a great catch, you have to get a good jump on the competition. Kira is the perfect example.

Cassandra and Pete from Bangor, Maine, own a bed and breakfast and run the business together. Originally, Cassandra sold the business to Pete but stayed on to help him learn the ropes."It dawned on me that long after Pete knew what he was doing," she said, "he still kept calling me for my advice... Heck, he could have given me pointers by now. This is when I realized I not only loved talking about the Inn, I loved talking to Pete, too." Now if Pete wants to ask about the Inn, he just needs to roll over in the morning.



Lee and Mary both grew up second generation Asian-Americans in Seattle. Lee's family owns a Chinese restaurant where he met Mary when she applied to become a server. "My father has a strict rule about flirting at work," he said, grinning, "but I was simply too attracted to her."

"I don't know how he did it," recalls Mary, laughing. "But, he got a real message into a fortune cookie that said 'You will go to the movies with Lee this weekend.' I still don't know how he did it."

Lee laughed, but would not divulge his trick. We understand: expert flirts simply have their ways. Creativity is a prized asset when it comes to the flirting game and Lee is a great example of that.

Celeste and Phil met at in their sociology class at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia. She saw Phil at a party one day and flirted with him by asking him how his studying was coming along for the class.Phil, much to his chagrin, did not realize she was in the same class. However, he did now, seeing how attractive she was up close. She suggested she stop over after her early morning class and review some notes for their class with him. Just prior to her knocking on his door, Phil showered, put on cologne and straightened up his dorm room. He climbed back into his bed as if he was still sleeping when she knocked. Phil, looking very handsome for having just rolled out of bed, opened the door in his boxers, feigning surprise. Needless to say, not much studying took place.

She gets credit by taking the initiative at the party and Phil gets credit by doing a little "preparation" for the second flirting encounter. Both strategies worked to perfection.


great flirting moments

PJ and Susan from West Palm Beach, Florida, met at Susan's hair salon. He happened to drop by for a quick cut and Susan was the only stylist available. "Perhaps it was me," PJ said, "but I thought she was sharing a little too much information about her troubled relationship at first. However, the next time I came in, I asked for her. I wanted an update... Then, when I found out she broke it off, I wanted a real date."

Susan was wisely flirting by leaving it for him to decide if he wanted to learn more about her. She gave him an easy exit if he did not. The easy exit was not needed.

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