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From Friend to Flirt
Tips to help you transition from "great friend" status to "Mr./Mrs. Maybe"
... from the DATING KING

~Everyone's been there before. They've had their hearts set on "the one" for years. Problem is "the one" is a really good friend. Such a good friend in fact, that when external sources pry for information they always reply "But he/she is such a good friend. It'd be like dating my brother/sister". Sounds familiar, right?

But that doesn't have to be the case. Chances are the reason you two are such "good friends" is because you are extremely compatible. What's more, and kudos to you here, the other person is probably too afraid to let their guard down, or afraid to lose a valuable friendship. Thus, it is much easier for them to shrug off any potential romance between you two than deal with the future repercussions of a relationship gone sour. This tends to be the case particularly with most women.

Nowadays women find it increasingly more difficult to develop and maintain a healthy friendship with a member of the opposite sex. Trouble is, they can never seem to grasp the reality that a man will always be interested in being more than just "friends" with a girl after a certain point. More than likely there was an initial attraction to begin with: the male had simply settled for a friendship with the hopes that something more would eventually develop. It's time for men and women around the world to wake up !

Naturally there will be that "one special person" who refuses to see the trees from the forest. Here's a few flirting tips that will help you help them see you in a not so "brotherly/sisterly" light any longer...


Just as eye contact is a great flirting move for the total stranger, it is equally powerful on the "best friend". The trick is to hold the eye contact for longer than you normally would at opportune moments. Moreover you should keep your look soft and affectionate to bring a moment of intimacy between you two. This can be tricky if the friend starts to think your behavior is a bit left of the normal, but it's a necessary means to test the chemistry of a possible relationship. Remain persistent and pair it with some of the following tips. The regularity in affectionate gazes will eventually ring a bell in your beloved's head.


Women love a man who knows what he wants. If truly comfortable with themselves, men will feel the same way about women. Not only does it show confidence, it alleviates the fear of a "needy" partner who is in constant need of reassurance or babysitting. That said, when trying to snag the attention of your prospect remember to always show assertiveness and decisiveness in both your decisions and actions. You're confident on-top-of-the-ball attitude will likely render a positive reaction. Just remember to avoid being overly pushy. Simply act as if you know what you want, and go for it. They'll get the hint soon enough.


When trying to score brownie points think compliments, compliments, compliments. But remember there is a big difference between the "friendly compliment" and the "intimate compliment." Friendly compliments always maintain a distance, they respect the privacy of the individual thereby offering generically safe compliments like "That's a nice purse." Although it shows you're observant nature, it is safe and impersonal. It's more or less a compliment she will likely receive from her other friends as well; not exactly what we're going for here.

Conversely, an intimate compliment will take the risk of getting personal. The compliment will focus on distinguishing the person from the rest of their sex in a valuable way such as, "You have really beautiful eyes," or "has anyone ever told you what a nice smile you have?" Although these can appear cheesy and run the risk of seeming like pick up lines you must analyze the context. The person you are trying to impress is not a stranger in a bar, they're your friend. In a way, you've already made it through the pick-up line round and have started a relationship, its just not the type you wanted. Giving an intimate compliment is an easy way to call attention to the fact that, "yes we're friends, but I would like more."


Winks are a great way to give subtle, intimate recognition to a person. Nothing says comfort like a wink across the room. If the two of you have been separated and are engaging in conversation with two separate parties, maintain attention by giving a wink to let him/her know that you're still there.

If someone say's something that's not all together funny, laugh anyways to ease the awkwardness. Also, shoot a wink over in the direction of that special someone" to let them know you're compassionate and receptive to people's feelings.

Moreover, a wink is private. If you make a habit of catching a person's attention via the subtle move, you have established the feeling of separation from the rest: the two of you have shared a little moment and no one else has noticed. It becomes a "private joke" between the two of you. That sense of uniqueness is perfect ammo to catapult the friendship into relationship status in no time.


Nothing is more intimate than body contact. A simple sweep of your hand over theirs at an opportune moment, a steady protective hand on the shoulder, a soft hug for perhaps, a bit longer than was necessary, these are all ways to physically say, "I'm interested." If you're a guy, try placing your hand on the small of her back in crowded places, iIt gives a woman a feeling of security and protection. If the two of you are such "good friends" she should be flattered, and will take notice that you are looking out for her. Girls, try lightly grabbing your man's bicep in an opportune situation, such as when one tells a funny joke. You can laugh "into" him by leaning forward and lightly grabbing his bicep to balance. It's always an ego boost when a man is touched in places of masculinity. Moreover, the effort to initiate contact will be taken into account by your "friend."

Lastly, the most intimate of all space invaders is the whisper. Much like the wink it is based on privacy. A whisper closes two people off from the rest of the world. You don't have to get right up in one's ear to do so either, you can start by simply lowering your voice thereby forcing your prospect to lean in closer so that they can hear what you've said. You can start to share important information or personal achievements with your "friend" via the personal whisper: make it appear as if you only care what they think about what you have to tell them. Gradually as the friend becomes more receptive you can begin to move closer and become more intimate with your whispers. The more receptive they are, the likelier it is that you can move ahead and take the next step.

~Though there's no fool proof method to snag you're heart's desire, there's also no way to know if things would have ever worked between you two unless someone takes a chance. Seeing as how they're oblivious to your affections, the ball's in your court. We can't promise the love of your life will fall head over heels in love with you after trying a few of these suave moves. But at this point, do you really have anything to lose? So take a deep breath, relax, and when you're ready, go get 'em tiger!