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Health And Happiness - 15 Signs You're a Ground Girl ...
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1) YOU'RE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN- in public, sans make-up.

2) YOU'RE AN INITIATOR- of all things, both romantically and socially.

3) YOU'RE NOT AFRAID- of sophomoric phobias, your thirties, or making the first move.

4) YOU BELIEVE IN RESPECT- which, for you is to be given and received at all times.

5) YOU'RE RELIABLE- You don't break dates, over-schedule, or flake on social or professional rendezvous. You're good on your word and trustworthy.

6) YOU'RE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN- with an independently funded credit line.

7) YOU'RE CAR SAVVY- You know how to check your tire pressure, fluids, and can even change your own oil (and maybe even the breaks). Watch out Jiffy Lube!

8) YOU OWN TOOLS- And you know how to use them, period.

9) YOU'RE SETTLED DOWN- You're over 21 and don't feel the impulse to go out every Saturday night and/or take up every social offer that comes your way.

10) YOU KNOW WHEN TO SAY, "NO"- to seconds, boys, men, and other potential pitfalls.

11) YOU BELIEVE IN SUNSCREEN- not suntan lotion, or tanning booths, or tanning creams, or other excessive "orange skin" promoting techniques.

12) YOU UNDERSTAND BAGGAGE- but not excuses!

13) YOU BELIEVE IN MODERATION- of everything, including chocolate bars and ice cream. You watch your waistline by watching your junk intake, not inhibiting it altogether!

14) YOU'RE NOT SCARED OF THE "J" WORD- You enjoy working and look forward to that "dream job" that enables you to be a self-sufficient and successful woman.

15) YOU'RE NOT A FRIEND FLINGER- rather than roam from pack to pack, you have a few, life long, reliable friends with which to share your time. You even have a few exes in that list.

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