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Rachel is a magazine writer from Buffalo, New York.  She's a serious girl and likes serious men.  She flirts at bars simply by "looking needy" as she puts herself front and center in all bar's prime flirting real estate: the bar itself.

"I try to look like I had a bad day," she told  "If there is some kind of party going on at the bar, this will always invite some guy to come over and strike up a conversation with me.  I have learned men love a damsel in distress."

Not bad, Rachel.  You'll be amazed at how many people will come over and talk to a girl that seems to be in a world of her own.  We call this the "fly on the wall" flirting technique and it works well at parties and crowded social occasions.  Simply act like there's somewhere you'd rather be. You'll be surprised at how well it will help your flirting. 


Kelly, a stylist from St. Louis, Missouri, goes all out crazy on the dance floor at a popular St. Louis night club.  She loves to dance and she loves to flirt - really she loves to do both at the same time.

"When I'm dancing, I'm not only participating in the party," she said.  "I feel like I am the party."

Her best advice is to advertise your body language at a crowded party or dance club. Kelly is a great example of this.  Even appearance can take second billing to body language if you are sending the right flirting signals.  Where do you start?  You can never go wrong by practicing your smile.  Everybody can see a glowing smile in a crowded room. 



Shelly, a fashion buyer in Boulder, Colorado, is front and center with her two best friends at her side.  They all think alike.  They dress alike.  They flirt alike.  Rarely are they seen without each other.

"I think fun things come in threes," Shelly said.  "You flirt with me, you better be ready to chat it up with my friends.  If you don't impress them, then you don't impress me."

When it comes to flirting at parties pay attention to dynamic duos and tenacious trios like Shelly and her gal pals.  Flirt with them all like you are flirting with the one you want.  You never know, you just might get three phone numbers if you're lucky.  However, it's much easier to single one out of the pack and go from there.  Remember, sometimes you can flirt indirectly by flirting with the friends of the person you really want to flirt with. Case in point, flirt with one of Shelly's "bookends" and you may be reading her pages before you know it.

Chrissie from Austin, Texas, loves to get together with friends for some good 'ol finger-lickin' Texas barbecue and grilled burgers and dogs.  Oh, she simply relishes the flirting opportunities like she relishes her hot dog.  She claims that she gravitates toward organizing little activities, such as making little blue paper cutouts, which she gives to the best cook like they were ribbons.

"Picnics are awesome for this Texas gal," she told us.  "Usually, my brother has about twenty friends for his cookouts.  I act like I'm the judge of the best ribs. Little do they know the cute guy will win all the time.  The grand prize?  ...Me."

Way to go, Chrissie.  Creating activities at social events is tantamount to creating your own customized flirting opportunities.  Next time you're at a friend's barbecue and you see people you want to flirt with, borrow Chrissie's recipe and strike up a contest of some sort.  It can be anything, best jokes, magic tricks, you name it.  Stick with it and savor the flavor of some mouth-watering flirting well done. 

Bobby from Austin, Texas, often hosts extravagant cookouts for his friends, while he lets his sister, Chrissie, entertain the troops with her gimmicky games.

"My sister and I are both single," he said.  "If she wants to flirt with my pals, then more power to her.  She's a diversion for them, which let's me move in on thier neglected and hungry girlfriends."

Bobby is sly, underhanded and duplicitous and we love him for it.  Sometimes when there is a very noticeable flirt drawing all the attention of everybody, your flirting comes off totally natural by comparison.  Most gals like a guy that can cook, too.  Add some flirting and you have the recipe for flirting party success.

Clarice from Muncie, Indiana, loves to socialize at parties and does so by making not-so-casual contact with dinner guests.  Case in point, she'll lean forward for a toast and gingerly put an arm around an unsuspecting object of her flirting attention.

"The key is the timing of the touch," she said.  "Men know when it is accidental and when it's more than a simple touch."

Funny how fine tuned some men are.  And most think that only women have the innate ability to communicate without talking.  Not so fast: if you are a gal and flirting at a party, men will notice everything you do if you're sending the right flirting signals - casual touch is a biggie.  Master this technique and you'll be flirting in the same rarefied circles as Clarice.  

Do we need to explain anything about how Shelly, Lisa and Trisha from Clearwater, Florada, go about flirting at crowded beaches?  They simply walk by and let the men ogle with their jaws dragging in the sand.

"The beach is the preferred place for me and my friends to peddle our wares" Lisa (middle) told

Sex appeal is very powerful and it is easier to pull off in groups than on a one-on-one basis, especially if you plan on parading around the beach in a bikini all afternoon.  With others to bare it all with you, you won't feel so overexposed and neither will your flirting. 

Tom, an accountant from Milwaukee, loves going out with the girls from work.  Oftentimes, they meet other girls at parties or dance clubs.  He met Kelly (far left) who loves to dance and smile.

"I always go to happy hours and love going out with the girls I work with," he said.  "I know most of them have boyfriends, even husbands, but most of them have girlfriends, too...  That's how I got Kelly's number, she was out there having a great time with me.  She was friends with a girl I work with."

Way to think it out logically, Tom.  If you have casual and real girlfriends at work (or conversely the opposite for gals) then don't discount who they might be friends with.  We all know the hot ones usually have other hot friends.  Think along Tom's line and you'll be networking your way up the flirting ladder. * * *