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Shakira (on right) is a computer sales professional who lives alone in Seattle, WA.  She loves meeting up with her friends at local bars so they can flirt with men. Although many people feel bars are all-too-common venues for flirting, she disagrees:

"Flirting at bars just requires different flirting rules," Shakira said, "because the dynamic is different, there is less need for subtlety and a greater need to get your flirt on."

Shakira's right.  Many people feel free to walk right up to a complete stranger at bars and simply ask if they're having a good time.  You can't do that at a church, or many other places for that matter.  One of the main reasons people go to bars is for flirting, and that's what is great about them.  A well placed cheesy pick-up line at a bar is flirting gold if you can deliver the line just right. 


Jessie (second from right) is a carefree and hot single woman living in Chicago, IL. She is a CPA for a major advertising company.  She recently broke up with her boyfriend of six years and is on the flirting prowl to go from what she describes as "flirting red to flirting black."  She loves to hit Chicago's swanky club scene to meet upwardly mobile guys on the flirting go.  Along those lines, Jessie likes the company of a group of gals when flirting at clubs. She derives confidence in numbers.

"It is more than just hanging with my girls," she said.  "When we go out, I have my support group right there with me.  Once we hit the dance floor, look out....  Without them I am pretty shy.  It doesn't add up..."

Jessie, and most accountants for that matter, need to understand that when it comes to flirting it doesn't always have to add up.  There are a lot of intangibles when it comes to flirting.  Perhaps they're not easily convertible assets, but when it comes to flirting at parties gaining confidence using the support of your friends is a great way to start improving your flirting ability- bottom line. 

Jennifer from San Francisco, CA, is a manager of an upscale and trendy art gallery.  She loves hosting viewings of artist's work where she gets to flirt with the gallery goers and others notables in the art world by moving from one work of art to the next and hence, one flirt to the next.

"I usually move about the crowd with wandering eyes," she told  "This sends the message that I am not rigidly attached to any one object and can approach anyone with an open mind..."

Jennifer's technique of always being on the move at a party is a good flirting party tip.  You don't have to be an artist to appreciate it.  The idea is to keep moving and keep flirting.  By doing so, you will clearly see who it is that wants to keep up with your flirting brush strokes.  In time, perhaps you too might elevate your flirting to a work of art, much like Jennifer.


Todd from Jacksonville, Florida, is the guy in the bear outfit. He feels he needs to do something different so as to stand out of the crowd and has taken to wearing this bear costume at bars.

"So I like to dress up a bit," he said.  "I got this bear outfit from my cousin who designs Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats - don't ask me why - and I figured why not wear it and give it a shot."

The costume could work initially as a practical joke, but then it should be discarded promptly.  Otherwise, people are simply bound to laugh (it must be noted that we deliberated on whether his story should be in this section or our flirting with disaster section). It is the virtue of sticking out in a crowd that we're playing up here, however, we don't mean becoming a freak or the laughing stock by wearing a full-sized animal costume, we mean accentuate your uniqueness.  Perhaps there is a fine-line and if so, Todd crossed it big-time. 

"If you got it, shake it," says Kimberly, a songwriter living in in Daytona Beach, FL.  To relax, she loves to attend beach parties and dance till the break of dawn.  It is during such sandy soirees that Kimberly does her best flirting.

"Men better look out when I start shaking my booty," she told  "I love the beach because when you're in the middle of a beach party, anything goes.  I don't feel like I'm showing off."


Kimberly flirts well with her rump doing the brunt of the work while she flirts at beach parties.  In crowded situations like a beach party you need to stick out, Kimberly exemplifies this principle.  Oftentimes the old adage holds true, "if you got it, flaunt it."  This flirting rule holds real value when you're trying to stand out at a party. * * *