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flirting moments

Kayla and Roger from Austin met in a local coffee shop. He was busy typing away on his laptop, lost in his latest entertainment column for the Austin Statesman, when, out of nowhere, Kayla leaned over his shoulder and told him his opinion of the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, was right on the money. They both discovered they had a funny bone for Will Farrell.

“It was her assertiveness that really got my attention,” Roger said. “I was suffering from writers block, thinking of something witty to say about Talladega Nights, when right over my shoulder was this perky blonde with the right idea.”

Kayla liked the fact that Roger was lost in his work.

“I like a man who is passionate about what he does. If he isn’t passionate about work, how can he be passionate about me?”

flirting moments

Devin and Blanche from Akron, Ohio, met each other while kayaking along a Lake Erie tributary. They have been together for over five years. They both say that flirting has kept the passion alive.

“It’s amazing but we still flirt with each other every day,” he said as he swatted her butt goodnaturedly. “I mean, we have this game where we go out… I will try to pick her up and then she inevitably leaves with me…. Works every time… We call it the ‘Ground Hog Day game.’”

The lesson here is that flirting is not just the beginning, but can be a lifelong technique to keep the magic alive.

flirting moments

Chelsea and Harry in Boston were reintroduced at their ten-year high school reunion.  They both went by themselves, each coming off serious relationships that ended abruptly and on sour notes.

"When I learned he was single I was interested in Harry immediately," she said.  "I remember in high school he was dating one of my best friends, whom I no longer stay in touch with, and I liked him then too... I also found him very interesting...  He travels a lot and I like to travel."

Chelsea and Harry have a lot in common.  They did well by immediately recognizing their mutual interest and moving on it quickly.  So don't wallow in despair if you are coming off a bad relationship. The sooner you get out and flirt, the sooner you will get on with your life.

John, a bail bondsman in Queens, New York, was the object of Jessica’s flirting, when he jumped the gate at her house to see if her fugitive cousin was hiding out in her yard. He didn’t find her cousin, but he did find her three vicious dogs waiting for him.

Luckily, before they could kill John, Jessica was able to call them off. Jessica flirted with John while she was retrieving one of his fingers from the mouth of one of her three pit bulls. “Looks like you’re not married,” she said, holding his severed ring finger playfully.

Ever since, John and Jessica have become an item.

The advice: it matters not where you flirt, so long as you just flirt. Both of them saw eye-to-eye on this rule. Unfortunately, he never did find Jessica’s cousin or have that finger reattached.

flirting moments

Victoria and Travis met at a beach party where Victoria watched with keen interest as Travis hit on another girl.  The girl promptly brushed him off and even rolled her eyes at him sending him on his way.

"I walked up to him and told him not to feel so bad," she said, smiling.  "He asked me why and I told him it saved me the trouble of having to steal him from her..."

Wow.  Victoria nails the bold setup right on the flirting head with the flirting hammer.  A great rule to remember here is that one woman's reject is another woman's ideal match.  Victoria and Travis can play on the beach till the break of dawn because Victoria realized this fact.

flirting moments

Larry and Joan of Benton, Arkansas, met at their grandson's birthday party.  They were both single and divorced at the time.  They claim it is nothing serious, but their married children disagree.

"My dad had eyes for my wife's moms from the get go," he said, laughing.  "It was pretty clear they were more than just friends.  But, hey, the real beneficiary is their grandson...  They use taking him out as an excuse for them to be together."

You might have family that is married, but you aren't related.  The point is not to discount family events for opportunities to flirt.  Especially In today's ever changing definition of what constitutes a modern family, you are bound to encounter non-related relatives who make the perfect flirts.

flirting moments

Cathy and Chad, from Asheville, North Carolina, have flirted with each other ever since they started working the same PR campaign for a local bed and breakfast.

“He started flirting with me during the production meetings for the campaign,” she said. “He would slip little notes asking me what I was doing for lunch…. I thought that was so cute.”

Now, Cathy and Chad are inseparable. Though they have since moved on to other campaigns, their own is just getting underway.

It is said a journey of thousand miles begins with the first step – or as we like to say, it begins with flirting!


Karch and his babe Patti met at a video shoot for "Girls Gone Wild."  Patti admits she was drunk when she first met him and can't believe she bared her naked breasts to him before even getting his name.  Not surprisingly, they hooked Karch in a immediately.

"I was really embarrassed about how I acted the first time I met him," she confessed.  "But, it was spring break and my girlfriends and I threw caution to the wind... The Tequila didn't help either." 

A skin show always draws flirts and fully exposing yourself is bound to do the same.  Be careful about going too far though.  "It" or "they" should remain hidden for at least three flirting encounters.  But, don't hold us to it.

Gary and Lisa from Denver met each other at a charity art auction, where Gary not only purchased a rare painting but also several of her dirty martinis.

“I really liked how he was flirting with me,” Lisa confessed. “He had such a fun attitude and he kept making jokes about some of the art and how confusing some of the modernist work appeared to be. He seemed like someone I could have fun with and that was very attractive to me.”

Gary said he was simply being himself. “Yes, I can be a goof,” he said, “but I wouldn’t think of acting any other way. I want a woman that is not afraid to have a good time. I hope if anything, that comes across about me when I am flirting.”

Gary can attest: a carefree happy-go-lucky attitude is always a surefire method to successful flirting.

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